The AI solution for cell screening in the drug development process. For pharmaceutical companies, CROs – for us!

The AI solution for cell screening
in the drug development process.

For pharmaceutical companies, CROs - for us!

We accelerate the development of active ingredients with AI-based analyses for biomedical and pharmaceutical solutions.

Our mission

AI-based cell screening – faster, cheaper, better and less risky.


A Cell screening is an important building block in the discovery of drugs. It is based on the automatic recording and evaluation (screening) of thousands of microscopic images of cells. These are exposed to chemical agents in order to identify hits that indicate therapeutic potential. These hits are compounds that produce a measurable – and usually desired – cellular effect.
ScreeningHub is a deep learning-based platform for a wide range of cell screening applications. The modular structure allows a high degree of adaptability to different technical tasks and specific medical fields.



We are revolutionizing drug development with AI-based analyses for biomedical and pharmaceutical solutions.

New perspective

Clear Statement of the cell type distribution within the image – even across different cell lines, by integrating several features. The evaluation of the results is carried out using the HTS industry-standard Z-factor.

Extreme speed

Users receive results faster, allowing for a more efficient selection of suitable active ingredients compared to traditional methods.

Interface independence

No integration with existing interfaces necessary.

Extreme scalability

Expansion of the accesible search space through high-content screening and extensive automation.

Improvement of the success rate

Earlier predeiction of toxicity and efficacy of active ingredients to filter out poor candidates before costly clinical trials.

Cell Screening

Cell Screening is employed in drug development to analyze the effectiveness of compounds at the cellular level and identify cells with high production of biopharmaceutical agents.
What are the challenges and how do we respond to them?

Expensive and time-consuming

At an average of 12 years and around 4 billion euros, drug development is an extremely expensive, lengthy and risky process in the pharmaceutical industry.

AI-based, automated, and efficient cell screening

For use in early drug discovery and beyond, in further stages of the drug development process.

Wrong hits and missing information

about the actual mechanism of action when simply searching chemical databases.

Automated analysis & evaluation of the pharmacological effects of compounds

Regardless of cell types

Financially risky

Every candidate compound that proves unsuitable in a later phase leads to high financial losses.

Highly scalable, automated, and precise

High Throughput Screening of cell morphology based on Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) images.

Limited chemical space

Manual evaluation of microscopic images is associated with significant effort, greatly restricting the number of substances that can be analyzed.

Scaling up drug discovery

Analysis of a significantly higher number of drug candidates is possible.


Recent publications impressively demonstrate the benefits of our solution.

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